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looking for stmp3 player? it's still here just follow this -> download link

just about every trekkie wants an lcars pc. that won't happen for many years but we can have lcars interface programs for our pc. stmp3 player is an lcars based multimedia player and internet browser. it boasts one of the most accurate lcars interfaces your going to find in a pc program to date and even features computer sounds and voice from star trek tng, ds9 and voyager. countless hours have been spent perfecting the interface and the software so that you get the most out of it without a steep learning curve or the hassles of poor design. the audio playback for mp3 files is, in our opinion, superior to that of the 2.x versions of winamp.

screenshot - box shot

features list

buy single life version (for 2.x release only) $9.99USD

buy multi life version (all future releases) $19.99USD

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